LKSA is growing every day. Here is a schedule of classes on offer, but please get in touch if you don’t see what your looking for as new classes are being added all the time. Our Classes are popular, so please contact us to reserve a spot in one of the classes below.

Southsea Dance Classes

Southsea Classes

Southsea Church of the Holy Spirit, Fawcett Road


4.00-4.45 Pre Primary Ballet and Tap

4.00-4.30 Junior Ballet

4.30-5.15 Junior Acro

4.45-5.00 Private Lesson

5.00-5.45 Senior Acro

5.45-6.15 Pointe and Technique (Invite Only)

6.15-6.30 Private Lesson


4.00-4.30 Private Lessons

4.30-5.00 Grade 2 Ballet

4.30-5.00 Grade 3 Tap

5.00-5.30 Junior Street, Stretch and Technique

5.00-6.15 Senior Street, Stretch and Technique with Show Team

5.30-6.00 Show Team 7+ years

5.30-6.00 Private lesson

6.15-7.00 Grade 4 Ballet

6.00-6.30 Grade 2 Tap

6.30-7.00 Grade 3 Ballet


4.00-5.00 Pre Primary Tap and Ballet

4.00-4.30 Primary Tap

4.30-5.00 Grade 1 Ballet

5.00-5.30 age 5-7 Stretch, Street and Technique

5.00-5.30 Private lesson

5.30-6.00 Private lesson

6.00-6.30 Private lesson

Havant Dance Classes

Havant Classes

Havant Horizon Leisure Centre


3.55-4.55 Acro 4+ years


3.45-4.30 Pre Primary Tap and Ballet

4.00-4.30 Primary Ballet

4.30-5.00 Primary Tap

4.30-5.00 Grade 1 and 2 Ballet

5.00-5.30 Grade 1 Ballet

5.00-5.30 Grade 1 Tap

5.30-6.00 age 5-10 years Stretch, Street and Technique

Adult Dance Classes

Adult Classes

Monday at St Simons Church upper hall, Waverly Road Southsea

6.45-7.35 Adult Jazz

7.35-8.25 Adult Ballet  – Experienced 

Wednesday at Southsea Church of the Holy Spirit

6.55-7.40 Adult Tap – Suitable for this with previous tap experience.

7.40-8.30 Adult Ballet – All Levels